Exercises You Can Conduct At Your Home

It seems as if taller people have a stronger personality and more confidence. Many people today dream of growing taller and they will do everything just to increase their height, including undergoing risky and painful surgical procedures. Fortunately, there are some grow taller exercises that may supplement your growth. You can do these exercises at home and use them as part of your daily routine. As with any other workout program, the key to success is persistence and dedication.


To perform this exercise, you have to lie down on the floor with your palms under your shoulder and start to lean back. Arch your spine up as you raise your chin up. When you reach your maximum stretch, you have to relax and repeat the procedure. Each repetition should last between 5 to 30 seconds.

Cat Stretch

Get your knees and hands with your arms locked out. You should inhale as you bend your spine down and bring your chin up. Exhale while you bring your spine up into a curved position as you bring your head down. Each repetition should last at least three seconds.

stretchingBasic Leg Stretch

Spread your legs far apart while sitting down. Try to reach for your toes while keeping your knees as straight as possible. Move into reaching for your toes on the other leg. Make sure that you keep your spine as straight as possible and move from your hips. Don’t arch your upper spine. The Basic Leg Stretch works both your legs and spine. Each stretch must be at least six seconds long.

The Bridge

Lie down on the floor with your knees bent and your feet flat as close as possible to your butt. Grab your ankles and hold onto them as you rise up your hips and bend your spine, lifting your abdomen towards the ceiling.

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Be sure to lift your abdomen as high as you can and go back down. If you cannot hold onto your ankles, place your arms on the side and use them to push your body up.  Each stretch should last between three to ten seconds. This stretch may be hard for you at first, but you should be persistent even if you cannot do it completely right at first.

The Table

Sit down on the floor and keep your legs straight. Keep your chest straight as you place your palms on the floor next to your butt, and then push your chin against your chest. Try to bring your head back as far as you can while raising your body (raising your body helps your knees bend while keeping your arms straight). Your upper legs and torso should be straight and horizontal on the floor. Also, keep your arms and lower legs perpendicular to the floor. You should be able to imitate the shape of a table. This stretch is pretty hard for some people. If you cannot do it in seconds, just do the best you can and you will eventually be able to do it perfectly with ease. Each stretch should be at least eight seconds long.

Wall Stretch

Stand up against the wall and the reach your hands up as high as you can while getting onto the tip of your toes. Be sure to keep your spine flat against the wall. Each repetition should last for at least four seconds. This stretch is harder than it looks, as you need to keep your spine flat against the wall.

Super Stretch

This kind of stretching is one of the grow taller exercises that many people prefer, as they can do it randomly during the day. To perform this exercise, you need to stand up and then reach your hands up as high as possible while you lean slightly back. Be sure to feel the stretch in your lower spine. This exercise can be done lying down or standing up. Each stretch must be up to seven seconds long.

The Bowl

You have to start this exercise by lying on the floor, face down, with your legs and arms extended. Raise both your arms and legs simultaneously as high as possible. Relax and repeat the procedure every five seconds.

The Down Hill

Stand with your hands together and arms behind you, and then bend down at your waist as far as you can and gradually swing your arms as high as you can behind you. Each stretch should last between four to six seconds.

These exercises may seem to be easy to perform but they require quite a bit of perseverance and determination to continue and maintain. You can’t give up halfway and expect to see positive result—you should be fully dedicated in completing all the exercises to see positive outcome. While exercising, make sure that you always get enough sleep and take in enough required vitamins or nutrients. You should also ensure that your body is in good condition; and whenever you’re ready, just start to put all the above-mentioned exercises to work for you with an action plan.

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