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Tips On How To Boost Your Height Even If Past Puberty

For personal reasons, certain individuals pursue effective ways to increase height and appear taller. However, many people are unsure of how best to achieve this goal. Unfortunately, some manufacturers make extravagant promises concerning their products and programs, making it difficult for certain consumers to determine which options are beneficial and which are merely a waste of time. The following information will give such individuals a better understanding of how height can be enhanced through various techniques:

Understanding the Physical Body and How Height is Achieved

Vertical height growth takes place in human beings immediately following the beginning of adolescence and continues until the age of 25 for men and the age of 19 for women, at which point healthy individuals will have reached the height dictated by their genetic programming.

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However, those whose goal is to learn how to increase your height will be pleased to discover that regardless of age factors, this outcome can be achieved through specific scientific methods.

Body height is determined primarily by the bones of the lower body and the spinal vertebrae. For most individuals, the growth of the lower body commences prior to the growth of the upper body. This is due to the fact that from the waist down one’s frame mainly consists of solid bones and further growth ceases once the latter are fused.


An exercise program to increase height is one of the first things a person should consider if his or her goal is to grow taller. Although as previously mentioned, the long bones no longer grow after they are fused, the cartilage between the vertebrae is capable of expanding. This allows further lengthening of the vertebral column, which in turn increases height.

Wall stretching is one of the best exercises to increase height. In addition, it is simple and can be completed essentially anywhere. All one must do is stand firmly against a solid wall and reach as high as possible while standing erect on his or her toes. A minimum of ten stretches should be completed each day. Another exercise that is frequently overlooked by those who wish to increase height is swimming. This is one of the best physical activities to stretch and elongate the aforementioned vertebral cartilage.

Many people have heard of pilate stretches, which are innovative exercises that have the ability to lengthen the upper body, and even stretch the cartilage attached to the long bones of the lower body, thus allowing them to gain mass and ultimately add to one’s height.

Supplements and Dietary Considerations

Those whose goal is to grow taller must also give thought to additional aspects such as dietary considerations. It is essential to consume foods that are high in calcium on a daily basis in order to strengthen and support the growth of bones, as well as prevent bone loss.

In addition, one’s efforts should be supported by amino acid supplements and a protein rich diet. Most experts recommend L-Arginine and L-Ornithine for this purpose, as these substances enhance the production of human growth hormone –HGH–in one’s system. As its name implies, this is the primary hormone responsible for human growth.

Inversion Table

Research is currently underway to determine whether or not the use of an inversion table may enhance one’s height. Preliminary studies have indicated that this is likely the case, but such exercises are strenuous and complex. For this reason, they should only be completed under appropriate supervision.


Regardless of the program one chooses to increase height, not getting sufficient sleep will probably cancel out any potential benefits. This is because long term sleep-deprivation can lead to bone loss. For this reason, any issues with insomnia should be addressed with a licensed health care professional who may be able to recommend effective remedies to alleviate this condition.

Additional Considerations

It is important to remember that overnight results are not possible. Regardless of the exercise regimen in which one participates or the type of supplements he or she uses to increase height, instant results will not occur. Therefore, measuring oneself on a daily basis is not recommended, as this may ultimately frustrate one’s efforts to reach his or her goals. Finally, as always, it is important to speak to a licensed medical professional prior to beginning any new diet or exercise program.


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  1. I would like to buy this product grow taller for idiots but I would prefer picking it up at the US postal office or the UPS etc… Is that possible?

    • Yes, the book includes all factors responsible for height increase. After reading the book I now understand why it works.

  2. hi my height is 4’11” and i want to increase it atleast to 5’4″. plz give me suggestions for it. i m 15 years old

  3. I’m 20.5 years my height is 5’4 i want increase 5’6..

    Pls suggest me..
    And i’ve do streching exersises daily morning..

    • Just stretching won’t be enough. You will need to follow Darwin’s program including the special daily cocktail.

  4. Sir I am 20 years old and 5’8 and want to be like 5’11 to 6’0… sure I will grow…. as I havent been able to see my myself growing for the past 4 years…

  5. Am 28yrs n my height is 5.6 but I need to be around 5.8 or 6.0. Is it still possible for me to increase. If yes, how? If no,why?

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