Meghan was actually considering surgery to grow taller


Megan had heard about this crazy procedure to break your knee caps to grow taller. She did some further research and found a product that claimed she could grow 2-4 inches within weeks. You don’t need to worry about your knee caps to grow back.

The book shows you some exercises and a drink concoction to help you grow taller. The book also discusses posture and sunlight.

Megan has had the book about a half year and is seeing 2 1/2 inches growth so far. She sees this as a great book and so inexpensive. She saw the money back guarantee and thought this must be great. The information in the book was very good.

If you want to grow a few inches, don’t do the surgery… get the book.

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Meghan was actually considering surgery to grow taller — 4 Comments

  1. Congrats Meghan, 2 and ½ inches is good. Let me check, I was wondering about surgery too but not breaking knee caps, breaking bones and using some rods to stretch them .. something the australian style.

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