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You Can Get Taller Naturally, And Be Safe

Do you feel that your friends have suddenly grown taller and you’re really lagging behind? Maybe all your family members are really tall and you don’t know what to do to grow taller. In fact, your height is typically determined by things you can’t control, i.e. genes. However, do know that there are several factors that affect your height which you can control, a whole host of natural habits, foods and techniques can increase your chances of growing taller.

There are many ways and easy steps on how to grow taller naturally. If you want to grow taller by a few inches, you still have the opportunity to do so. Here are some tips on how you can increase your height safely, naturally and permanently.

Eat a balanced diet

Portrait of a beautiful young tall womanYou will always look shorter if you have a plump body. What’s more, being fit by consuming the right foods will make you feel better and grow taller.

Eating lots of lean protein like white poultry meat, dairy, fish and soy, will promote healthy bones and muscle growth. Simple carbohydrates like pizza, sweets, soda and cakes should be avoided.

Eating lots of calcium, found in vegetables like kale, spinach and dairy (milk and yoghurt) promotes healthy bones.

Get enough zinc. Research has shown that zinc deficiencies can cause stunted growth in young males. Good zinc sources include oysters, squash seeds, pumpkin, wheat germ, peanuts, crab and lamb.

Get adequate vitamin D, which promotes muscle and bone growth in children. Vitamin D deficiency is known to increase weight and stunt growth in teenage girls. Good sources of vitamin D include fish, mushrooms and alfalfa.

Perform stretching exercises

Another tip of how to grow taller naturally is through stretching exercises. It’s absolutely possible to increase your height if you try several stretching exercises.

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Since there are 3 levels of development, results usually take time but this is absolutely the best way to increase your height.

On their own, grow taller exercises can add up to 3 inches of height. While there are many exercises that target your spine, studies have shown that the most effective combination of yoga-like exercises that strengthen, tone and develop the muscles supporting your spine can make you grow taller.

After these muscles develop properly, your spine will start to lengthen and straighten another one or two inches through spinal decompression. With time and correct implementation of exercises of the spinal discs and cartilage that supports the arms and legs, your spine will start to thicken, leading to a proportionate and taller body.

Do not stunt your growth

First of all, before you learn how to grow taller naturally, it is important to consider factors that may stunt your growth. There are numerous external factors that may affect your development or height negatively, so you should rule out all of them for a start. Some of the most common examples include smoking cigarettes and excessive consumption of alcohol-both have been proven to negatively affect growth. Furthermore, malnutrition, drug abuse and dehydration can also negatively affect your height and thus must be avoided.

Get proper supplementation

Since you have to eat right to increase your chances of growing taller, an alternative way to increase your height is to take the appropriate supplements. In fact, the right balance of height-promoting supplements is as vital as implementing proper height-supporting exercises. There are lots of supplements currently on the market but most of them don’t contain the crucial ingredients that promote growth.

Luckily, most supplements that boost healthy height increase are available in grocery stores. You don’t have to spend a fortune on expensive pills available online from unscrupulous companies. Of course, it’s best to avoid them. Most companies that sell the so called ‘grow taller’ supplements online are at best deceptive and at worst fraudulent. Be careful when dealing with these companies.

Get adequate sleep every night

Getting enough sleep is one of the secrets to increasing your height naturally and permanently. Even if you are following all of the above strategies but you’re not having enough sleep every night, it will all be in vain. When you eat healthy and exercise properly, your body requires time to process the muscles and supply them with the nutrients from your foods.

This process mostly occurs overnight when you sleep. Your brain will know when you’re asleep and it will trigger the digestion as well as detoxification process. So this is why sleep is essential. We all sleep but not everybody gets adequate sleep. Make sure you sleep at least eight hours each night; anything less will negatively affect your health and will eventually limit your growth potential.

These were some of the best tips and practices you can try in order to grow taller naturally. Hopefully by implementing these tips you’ll be able to grow taller safely, naturally and permanently with time.


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  1. My 15 year old son wants to get this book but I have some concerns. 1) he is allergic to most fruit, does this mean he won’t be able to stick to the recommended diet? Would it be better to take supplements instead? 2) if the program lasts just 8 weeks as I have read, does this mean he will reach his full adult height in 8 weeks? Or will he continue to grow naturally after the program, until he reaches adulthood? i.e. is the program going to make him grow taller than he would naturally or is it just going to speed up the process so he gets there sooner? 3) if the program is interrupted (e.g. By a week’s holiday) can it be resumed without losing the effects? 4) will it make a difference to continue with the program for longer than the recommended 8 weeks? (Surely growth is not unlimited?) I hope you can help. Thanks.

    • Yes, he can continue past 8 weeks. He can grow taller than he normally would. I’m not sure about the fruit. You’ll need to test the daily cocktail for allergic reaction.

  2. Hello sir, Can you briefly explain that am i guaranteed to grow taller? What if i don’t grow after i purchase the product? Not even an inch..what will happen to my money?

  3. Hi I tried your product after 8 weeks I got 3 inches from 5’6 to 5’9 my goal was to get to 6 feet tall how do I do that after the 8 weeks are done and I already got results 3 inches taller now can I get taller if I continue after the 8 weeks and how do I get taller after those 8 weeks?

    • Good! Congratulations on the 3 inches! You can keep working the program. A total of 6 inches is a lot to ask for. You may get 1-2 more with work.

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