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I did in fact buy and read the “Grow Taller 4 Idiots” book (160 pages).  This following review is based on my actual thoughts on the program – not a fake write up.  I go into digesting this program with a skeptical eye.  If this can work, why won’t everyone grow taller?

For myself, I’m already 6’0″ tall, in my 50’s and don’t have a real need to gain more inches.  I have however decided to follow Darwin’s system and try it out. I can’t hurt myself in any way.  I’m planning to grow a few inches and become taller than my tallest boy at 6’1″. My family will be shocked!

My thoughts:
The height increase is permanent and will last the rest of your life.  You must do the program in it’s entirety to get the maximum benefit and height increase.

A step by step approach to the exercises is provided. He lays out what is the very best exercise to boost your height.

Darwin gives you the exact recipe for the homemade cocktail for growth (pg. 29 ).  This is amazingly simple to make.

He answers these FAQs:

What to eat? How much to eat? Can I grow taller without changes to diet? Can I skip the growth drink? Sould I rely solely on supplements for my vitamin needs?

Darwin goes into much detail for what comprises a balanced diets and why it’s important to support growth.  He also goes into how much sleep to get and how to sleep (pg. 55). You will need to sleep differently. The program takes a global approach and doesn’t just address one aspect of growth.

I have to say, after examining the introductory exercises, these make a lot of sense (pg. 72). They’re not difficult to do. When you combine these with the focused stretching, you should add 2-3 inches in height.  Great! Now, the advanced stretching is where you really gain the inches.

You get all the information you need to boost your height and add those desirable inches.  After reading the GT4I book, I have to say I really believe Darwin’s system will make a change in your height, self esteme and how your friends look at you.

I’m no longer skeptical and confident that this program will add at least two inches to my height.  My friends will scratch their heads for how I can have a growth spurt later in life.

The product is worth a try to boost your height.  You really need to do the entire program not just pick and choose pieces.  If after eight weeks, you can’t see a measurable difference in your height, then just get your money back.

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Grow Taller 4 Idiots Review — 80 Comments

  1. Well, one thing, though changing sleep position is kinda tough, it is a must. Go for the book, it works, No harm done No side effects (even if it doesn’t work on you)

  2. Hi! I would like to have some information about Grow Taller 4 Idiots. At first I was pretty skeptical about it, but looking on the internet I noticed many positive reviews about this program. I am 5ft 6in, a height good enough for a 16 year old girl like me, but my dream is to be able to work in the fashion industry and I doubt that I would still be able to grow a lot. So my question is: does it really work? I’d love to gain 4 inches but already 3 would be a dream! I’m determined and I will not have problems following the program to the letter if it works as you said.

    • Hi Andrea,

      You really have nothing to lose and everything to gain (pun). If you don’t grow the 3 inches, just get your money back. If you do grow only 3 inches, it could set you up for the fashion career you seek. Most of the testimonials from people that really worked the program were able to gain 2-3 inches in just a couple short months.

  3. hello sir
    i want to purchase this but i am not able make the transactions inspite of having a valid international credit card,does click bank accepts all indian banks credit card.

  4. Hi, I purchased the system already but have not started the program yet.. What I want to know is, if I can purchase the hgh cocktail. Or if I do make it at home, can I replace the broad beans with L dopa or L tyrosine?

  5. Hi , I been reading here and there about this grow taller 4 idiot and I want to know it is that easy?? I’m only 5’1 i want to be at least 5’5 I search many website to see if there are people out there who
    Have the same problem that I’m dealing with, if this really work I’m willing to try

  6. hi i want to know more about the product i am 23 years old and
    my height is around 5ft 4in is it possible for me to increase height if it is how much can be increased

  7. hi i’m 20 years old and my height is only 4’8.i want to increase my parents,brother n sis are all tall but i’m short.plz tell me where i can buy this product and is there any cash on delivery options.plz plz plz tell me….

  8. hello I’m 5’6 1/2 and I was wondering how much would I grow if I went with this program. I play basketball and I really need height to succeed more. I am 13

  9. HI,
    I am 23, 5’6” and want to increase my height to 5 inches. is that really possible. please give frank feedback so that i will go with this product

  10. Hi, my age is 30 now and I am only 5 foot 3 inches. I would like to gain 4 inches more. Is it possible? even if it takes 6 months, I am ready to do it. Please provide your input. Thanks

  11. I am from India Please tell me the mode of payments available. Is it international credit card is what is needed? I wanna make the purchase so plz do reply.

  12. hi im 16, just under 6 ft in height, and i need to grow a few inches for sport reasons, how possible would this be with the program? please get back to me asap.

  13. i dont know how to download it as i havent used my debit card for online shopping,i dont have any credit card only debit card is there,i am from india, i wanted to know that will debit card work or i will have to have a credit card plz tell i am so desp.

  14. Sir, i am 27 year old, my height is 5.3 only. and i just want to increase my height. is this possible in that age… please mail me…and also tell how much time it will take..

  15. Hello,
    I’m 21 years old girl, 157 cm. tall. everybody says, that at this age, bones stop growing. so is there any chance for me to gain height? I live in Georgia, Tbilisi, is it possible the book to be delivered here? or is there an electronic version of it?
    thank you in advance for your help.

  16. Hi I’m 27 yr old female and my height is 4 feet 6 inches. is there any chance for me to grow taller if yes max how much taller can I grow and how long will it take. Pls reply

  17. The height gained through stretching after puberty is never permanent,right?Your spine muscle will shrink back to its normal state,meaning you will go back to your former height,after u stopped doing it.Is that correct?

  18. Hi the program says for 8 weeks height increases by 2 inches so if I follow for 12 weeks will I increase my height by few more inches

  19. I m purely vegetarian.Is dis possible for vegetarian to increase height . Is non veg things are important to eat during dis period…plzz reply m nt getting any answer…

  20. And does the time of year affect your height growth. Like if I started next week would I get worse results than if I started during the year where the sun is more out. Cause I heard someone tell me that you also need the sun for this program?

  21. hello,I am 5ft 5inches tall and I’m 18 years. I really wish to increase to about 3-4 inches if possible.This is Winter beginning, and I am wandering whether this program can work for me during this period of the year.Please i wish to be sure. Thanks

  22. Hi Mr Brian Adams ..
    my age 20,height 5.6ft
    from others reviews I think I can grow atleast 4 inches….
    I can order this product only if you promise me that you won’t cheat me…..

  23. Hi I’m from the Philippines. 22 yrs old. I really want to order asap but I don’t know which cards in the Philippines does click bank recognize. I really wanna buy it already. Pls help

  24. Is it possible to do something a little different than it says in the program? Do I have to fully comply with all of the details to surely grew in heigh?

  25. I do heavy squats, deadlifts, shoulder presses that probably compresses my spinal column.

    Do these compromise or negate the effectiveness of the program? Should I stop doing them when I embark on this program or can I still continue doing the heavy lifts?

    Just thinking maybe your program works but somehow me doing heavy lifts just offsets the supposedly effective results.

    Please give me your true advice on this. I can stop what I’m doing for 12 weeks to gain inches but if the lifting affects the effectiveness of the program, but of course I will be happier to be able to go on with my regime while following the gt4i program.

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