A teenager’s height is determined by both genetics and environmental factors, state high school biology textbooks. In turn, young men and women usually stop growing in their late teens. However, a recent American Medical Association (AMA) report notes that it not uncommon for young men and women to continue growing taller when they are in their early twenties.

According to nutrition experts, there are many proven methods for boosting growth during teen years with balanced diets and exercise. There are also claims that a regimen of certain drugs and supplements may aid in height growth for teens.

I want to grow taller fast

At a time when many young people want to grow taller, there is concern in the medical community that some teens may be risking their overall health simply to boost their height.

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While there are numerous products featured online that claim fast results for gaining height, most young men and women know that getting a few inches taller does not usually happen after taking a few pills. The teenagers who are genuinely interested in adding to their overall height are advised to see their family doctor for safe and practical ways to grow taller naturally.

A teenager’s height is the distance from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet, when standing up straight. According to the AMA, boys are usually taller than girls.

Tips and tricks to grow taller fast

There are many natural tips and even tricks to grow taller faster, say doctors and leading nutritionists commenting online. Still, there is a longstanding view in the medical community that proper growth is a true measure of health for teenagers. For instance, doctors recommend natural methods for teens to grow taller naturally.

The best natural methods to help teens grow taller include:

– Reminding young people that getting at least 8 to 10 hours of sleep each night will boost height growth naturally, state research about height gain occurring in teens overnight. In turn, there is a concern about today’s 24/7 digital culture harming young people’s natural ability to grow due to teens not getting enough sleep.

– While many teen boys and girls are active in school athletics during high school and college, others spend lots of time sitting behind computer screens. Thus, the long-held point of view that young people need more exercise “to grow taller,” is not fiction, but fact. For example, the teenage girls and boys who play ball, cycle, swim and run on a regular basis “usually grow taller naturally,” state AMA studies on natural height growth and spurts in young people.

– Another good way to gain a few more inches in height is linked to doing yoga, regular stretching, breathing and doing aerobic exercises. In addition, there is a view that regular breathing exercises aid in overall height gain in youth. In addition, there are also many testimonials from teens who have tried upside down hanging methods during yoga classes. The teens who tried this type of “stretching,” said it added inches to their overall height.

– The other key method for natural height gain is eating a healthy and well balanced diet, say nutritionists. In fact, the concern about obesity in America today is closely linked to teens consuming too much sugar and processed junk foods that actually harm the body’s ability to grow naturally, according to some AMA studies. Thus, the most effective way to get taller is to eat healthy food such as fresh, lean meats, fish, green vegetables, eggs, fruits and milk.

While there are numerous online “miracle” products and methods that claim to make you grow taller, the experts say there is no one size that fits all when it comes to triggering height growth in young males and females. Instead, the doctors and nutritionists say the real “trick” is to get enough sleep, exercise regularly and eat a good balanced diet.

Overall, the study of height in teenager’s points to many short-cuts that young people take when attempting to grow taller in today’s image driven culture. However, there are also doctors who warn that the best tips and tricks for teens to grow taller are simply living one’s best life by stimulating growth naturally.


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  1. I am 29 yrs old & my height is 5.3 foot. Please suggest me what to do to increase my height. I always feel insulted for my average height when i see tall ladies in front of me. Please suggest me if there is any injection or any remedy which can make me taller, at least 5.5 foot. I have consumed height increasing pills but in vain. Please help me out.

  2. I’m only 13 . I stopped growing in 6th grade . Right now , I am 4’6 tall . I wanna keep growing , but I can’t . At least , I wanna be 4’10 or at least 5’0 . Because my friends are all taller than me . My sisters are almost all taller than me ! But there’s me , standing there and being short . I wanna be tall and be like others .

    • Same with me though I am five feet one and am 14 years old and amin ninth grade and I was having and am having problems growing please help

  3. I am a 16-year old. My height is 5.2 .Can i grow still further?? Please give me some tips to grow taller… Can jumping increase my height? Or should i do yogas.. ?

  4. Hello my name is Hannah and I’m about to turn 14 in a month and I was wondering could this be used by teens.. I’am only 4’10 and I would love to be 5’2 that is my height goal for when I’m done growing but I can’t seem to grow quick! And everyone’s taller then me.. Will this help me please respond fast!

  5. i am 14 and i am still 5 feet and i am a boy so i want to grow more tall what to do please give me a explanation for this?

  6. Hi,im 16 yrs old and almost 17..and my height is just 165cm..i wanna reach at least this system will really help..sorry im not so good in english.

  7. Hi I’m only 11 but I would love to be taller than I am. I’m only 5’1 and I’m a little over weigh I need help growing.

    • Just keep eating the entails and get a lot of sleep. Exercise and I read that you should lay down on you back flat, with a small pillow at night. Gravity pulls down on your back through the day. Laying flat lengthens out your back. This should help. I do it. I am just turned 12 and 5’7-ish! It works over time. GET ALOT OF SLEEP!

  8. Hi Im 19 years old and turning 20 by this year yet im only 5’2.. I am exposed to computer radiation every night. What would you like to suggest? You think I already stopped growing? How would I know?

  9. i havent been growing since i was sophmore. im 5’6 even since when i was in middle school. right now im 18 years old turn to be 19 sooner. i need to grow an 11 inches. so what should i do? my grandpa was about 6 foot and my all uncles are about almost 6 foot just my dad is short. so help me out here!

  10. Hi. I’m 6’1, my father is 6’2,and my brother is 6’3. I’m only 16, but I was wondering if I could ever get any taller, and if so, what I could do to get taller

    • Wow dude, 6 1″ is freakin awesome, im just under 5 9″ at 15 (just turned 15) and would love to be your height. If i was you (if you want to), just get bulky and start doing gym workouts.

      You will look good and feel good.


  12. Hello, i am just going to follow what the others are saying…

    I have just turned 15 and i am JUST under 5 9″, i really would like to get to 5 11″/6 foot but i want to start going to the gym and get bulky and fit, i wont be doing bodybuilding weights but i do want to start doing minor weights.

    What do you suggest ? Thanks.

    • Elliot,
      Although good physical exercise, lifting weights won’t get you taller. You’ll need Darwin’s full system including daily cocktail.

  13. Hey, i’m a girl and about to turn 16. I’m nly 5ft whereas my all family membrs r about 5’5” . I need to be tall fast. Cn u help me with this? Any pills will work?

  14. Hi im 18 years old turning 19 in jan 12 im only 5ft6 i want to be atleast 6ft in height can daily toe stretch and cobra might help to acheive that height.

  15. Hi I’m Lina. I’m a girl and I’m 152cm tall. I am 14 years old. I haven’t been growing for the last two years. Everyday I sleep about 8 hrs and I eat enough but I have a stomach problem. So most of the time I eat and about half an hour later, the food just comes out of my mouth with all the acid. I have been drinking medicines and it didn’t work. Does this affect my growth? What could I do to grow taller? My parents are both about 170cm. Please reply fast.

  16. I’m 24 yrs old, so am 5 inches so all my friend do mock at me because of my stature…pls what can I do to increase my height…everybody pls help me out am so bothered

  17. Lol! I don’t know why some of you want to be taller, you’re already tall! Ok nvm! My problem is that when I was little I grew a lot fast and when I became grade 6, I stopped growing! Now I’m in the 8 grade and my class mates are getting taller than me! Before, I used to be taller than them! Vat is dis? It’s not fair!

  18. Hi guys, I’m an aspiring actor and I’m pretty damn good at my job. I’ve always played basketball for many years but I haven’t grown in the last few years. I’m almost 5 “9” and that’s a modest height for an actor, and since I have few school years and all college years left(I’m 18), I face humiliation on the basketball court as well. And the worst part is I was still 5″8.5″ when I was 14 and back then I was tall for my age. Please help!

  19. Hi my name is matt I’m 5’11 and about to turn 16 I’m trying to reach 6’2 because I play quarterback and height would really help would this program work for me?

  20. Hey my name is Ariya and I’ve just turned 15 a month ago. Everyone in my family is at least 5’4 while I am 4’10. I’m the oldest in my year, yet everyone else is taller than me. I am a sporty person and so engage in a lot of sports and go to the gym too keep fit (but don’t do weights). I am good in my studies and it gets really frustrating when people judge my because of my height! I’d be really grateful if I could get any help with this. Thank you

  21. I want to increase my hieght to 5’10 from 5’7 so please help me , i want to increase my hieght in 3months. Please help…

  22. I’m 13 and I’m 5ft 10in. I would like to get taller because I’m ashamed when standing next to my 12 year old brother who is 6ft 1in please help me.

  23. Hey I’m nikita… I’m 17 nd I’m just 5ft nd my family members r also not dat tall.. can I gain more 4 to 5inches if I use dis product

  24. Hi Brian i have the program and started my 3rd week. I’ll keep everyone updated. How much have you grown from the program, or have you used the program? Thanks

  25. Hi! Im 23 y/o and 5’1″ i want to grow taller, but i have a problem 1st of all im working at night shift. if i buy the book will this book will work on me? im working 11pm-7am. reply asap.

  26. Hi guys, I really really need to grow tall like really! I am in 11 grade and my height is only 5’6 and all my classmates are like so tall! I sometimes feel very mad at myself far being short. Even my sister who is younger than me knocked me out…. She is 5’9! Can u believe this! I wanna die! Please do help me grow taller… Make it a miracle! Help this poor shorty out of this….

  27. my father is a walking tree my mom’s not short my younger sibilings are towering over me i feel so small especially at home . i don’t know wat to do i even let loose ma studing since it takes ma sleeping time i’m abt to turn 18 do i have a hope

  28. Hi, I’m Cora. I’m 12 years old, and going into seventh grade. Everyone is taller than me, and I seriously want to get taller. It’s affecting the roles I get for dance, and what people think I’m capable of. All my friends are taller and tease me to the point of exhaustion. Please tell me what to do. I’m open to anything.

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