How To Grow Taller In A Week – Is It Possible?

There are many reasons an individual might want to grow taller. Even though the bones have stopped growing, it is possible to stretch your spine and add inches to your height. While you can see as much as two inches difference in as little as a week, over time, you may be able to add up to three inches in height.

Once you reach the end of puberty, somewhere around the age of 20, the bones stop to grow. The growth platelets are sealed over and bones do not grow longer. However, your height is due to more than just the length of bones. The 23 discs in the human spine add several inches to one’s height.  These discs and the curvature of the spine allow an individual to grow taller.

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Discs are ringlike structures made of cartilage. They include a fluid center surrounded by a fibrous outer layer. If you do nothing to stretch the discs during the day you may lose up to an inch in height by the end of the day just going through your normal activities. As you sleep, the body restores fluid to the discs so when you wake in the morning, your height is restored.

This means it is essential that you get plenty of sleep if you want to reach your maximum height potential. Most people today do not get a full eight hours of restorative sleep. As a result, the discs are deprived of the opportunity to refill with fluid. In addition, your sleep position matters. If you sleep on your side curled in a fetal position, there is no stretching occurring to add to your height. Instead, try using a thin pillow while sleeping on the back. The legs should remain extended and you should keep your arms at your side. This sleep position allows gravity to pull on your body weight to straighten the spine naturally and allow the discs to be refilled with healing fluids from the body. If you sleep less than eight hours or in the wrong way, you lose height.

The foods you eat also play a role in spinal health. Make sure you include plenty of calcium and vitamins in the foods you eat. While your bones cannot grow longer, they can be damaged by disease. Degenerative diseases can affect the discs as well as bones and cause you to grow shorter. Make sure your diet is balanced for optimal health and height.

Exercises, especially stretching exercises, help to lengthen the spine. Swimming is particularly effective as it stretches the muscles to decompress the spine. It is low impact, so the exercise does not cause further compression. Short, yet intense workouts work better than those that are low intensity and long.

While you can see improvements within a week, it is essential that you continue to follow your plan of getting enough sleep, proper diet and exercise to maintain the gains. In addition to the gains you see in your height, you can also improve your overall health. These stretching exercises along with proper nutrition assure the discs receive the proper nutrition to repair damages from daily activity and eliminate waste products from cells for better spinal health.


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  1. I’m 20 years old now and height is just 5’6 as of now. please I really want to enhance my height up to 6 above, I need some advice on how to help me grow taller in height.

  2. my name is tony rafael and im 15 but my height is only 153.1 . If i do hanging excercises 5 minutes per day,is it possible to reach 5 inches in two weeks?

  3. I find myself rather short. but i cant understand my height as my mother is 5’3 and my dad is 5’10. My current height now is 5’2. Why is that so. but my uncle and aunts from both sides are tall..?

  4. Hi sir…. im already 18 years old (filipino) but still my height is only 153cm…my relatives are tall especially boys.. i should be one of them,right? When i read all the tips on how to growtaller, i was shocked because i dont perform it all. Just so little..(busyness! ) and now, my course is engineering which is not that easy.i have to study hard so that i can pass..because of this, i cant sleep 8 hours and above(same with my classmates).. is there any solution to this prob so that i can still grow taller even i cant sleep well??? Pls give me an advice,sir.. whatshouldido?? tnx!

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