How To Grow Taller Quickly In A Short Time Span

How tall you are depends on your heritage. That is the message that is given whenever anyone asks if there is a way to grow taller quickly. You are simply born to be a certain height, so learn to live with it.

While genetics plays the single largest role in determining a person’s height, it is not the only consideration. How tall you are actually is regulated by several different gene sets, which is why people with two tall parents can wind up being shortest in class. Still, the odds are you will follow your parents’ pattern and reach your full intended height by your mid-20s.

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In addition to genetics, there are environmental factors that will affect height, particularly those that will stunt a person’s growth. These include smoking, taking steroids, and, possibly, caffeine.

Caffeine is a “possible” because, though the substance has been shown not to stunt growth, it can interfere with the sound sleep youngsters need while growing. It is during sleep that the body can increase production of HGH, or the human growth hormone, which is manufactured in the pituitary gland.

For smoking or being around second-hand smoke, the jury is still out. However studies have shown that children of non-smokers and those who have avoided being around smoke tend to be taller than those who are regularly exposed.

These are things to be avoided to prevent the stunting of growth. There are steps you can take to influence environmental effects on growth and, in fact, grow taller quickly. Generally, these are broken down into three major categories: exercises, diet and supplements, and surgery or medications.

The No. 1 growth-promoting exercise suggested by experts is stretching. Stretch three consecutive days with one day of rest and continue this pattern as long as possible. Exercise of any kind can help with growth by affecting the amount of growth hormone the pituitary secretes and by helping prompt bone length lateral growth.

Eating the right foods helps ensure that you are getting the full measure of vitamins and minerals needed to attain your full height. Concentrate on the three “Cs” — calcium, carbohydrates, and calories. These give the body energy to grow and calcium helps in bone growth. Eating fish, mushrooms, or other foods high in vitamin D will promote bone and muscle growth while preventing a deficiency that can stunt growth.

Food can be enhanced by taking a supplement, such as L-ornithine, which may increase production of growth-promoting hormones. Other supplements that have been used include primrose oil or essential fatty acid complex, vitamin B complex, cod liver oil, kelp, magnesium and calcium, vitamin D, and zinc. Taking 500 mg of niacin on an empty stomach may help stimulate growth hormones.

Finally, see your doctor. She can help you determine if there is a medical condition affecting your growth. There also is a surgical method that will help you get taller quickly — very quickly. This involves cutting the shinbone and then having periodic sessions to lengthen it. Patients have reported growing 2.5 inches in 18 months.

Before giving something that is that drastic a try, though, consider the natural methods that can help you grow taller quickly. They certainly are more cost effective and a lot less painful.

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